Can you say “Camping”!  Along with camping goes hiking, fishing, swimming and all other imaginable things to do in the great outdoors.  As summer does it’s peek a boo moments of in one day and out the next, we are all thinking about what to do in the precious moments of when the sun is shining.  The Methow Valley has so much to offer up in the way of fun, but with that fun comes a little planning sometimes.  Here’s a short list of what you can get at Hank’s Harvest Foods in Twisp, WA

For camping:

Fuel for your propane stove, matches, and for the more primitive method, we have bundles of firewood.  Tablecloth, paper plates, paper towels and psst don’t forget the toilet paper unless you are really, really good at plant identification.  Ice as well as a cooler!  We even have blow up mattresses – how’s that for preparedness!   You’ll find flashlights, batteries, and chairs galore to go with your S’mores.  Playing cards for the tent just in case it rains.  Mosquito repellent because well, they are everywhere.  Sunscreen, After Bite -just in case.  Trash bags, dish soap, and so much more!

Most importantly  – FOOD, and we have lots of it.  Our in house bacon is ohhhhhhh sooooooooo gooooooooood.

For hiking:

Our local and not so local favorite pepperoni sticks.  You could use it to bribe the slow goers into hurrying up.  Works like a charm.  Packages of dried fruit, nuts, trail mix, oh and those really cool single serve nut butter packets.  Tuna in foil packages, jerky, protein bars, and of course, any treat you can think of for making it to the top of the hill.

For swimming:

Well you really don’t need too much for this activity except maybe a life vest for the kiddo or pool noodles.  We’ve got you covered though on the snacks you’ll need afterwards!

For fishing:

Whatever you need in that cooler, you’ll probably find at Hank’s.  Plus the bonus is, if you didn’t catch a fish, we can hook you up with a great selection here.   Pretty sure we have a few fish stories we could help you out with too.

Come see us at Hank’s, ask questions, and have blast out there !