Hello Hank’s fans!

Winter arrived quite abruptly this week and because of that, it reminded us that we need to look a little more closely at events coming up.  Halloween and let’s “Talk Turkey” aka Thanksgiving!

First off Happy Halloween everyone.  It’s that spook-tacular time of year where the kids are making a frenzied attempt at costumes and getting ready to collect their winter stash of candy.  Here at Hank’s we  still have costumes.  Not only do we have costumes, we have all kinds of other goodies like CANDY, face paint, glow sticks, CANDY, witches noses, vampire teeth, CANDY, hats and more CANDY.  Woah, I almost forgot to mention pumpkins!  We have them and we have the decorating kits for them.  Furthermore, not only do we have regular pumpkins, we have the gnarly knucklehead ones too.

Secondly, Let’s “Talk Turkey”.   Thanksgiving is closer than we think.   Every year Hank’s tries to help our friends and neighbors with our FREE TURKEY book.  Most people know the drill, but if you don’t; here are the details!   You can earn a FREE Frozen Grade A turkey (up to 16 lbs) by having the cashiers stamp your book when you purchase groceries.  As you fill up your book, hence, you earn free items.  The items you earn are;  one 12 oz. bag of Fresh Express Garden Salad, one 5 lb bag of U.S. No. 1 Potatoes, one 48 oz. container of Dryer’s Ice Cream any flavor, and of course, one frozen Grade A Turkey up to 16 lbs.

The general idea is, you can collect all of these items as you go, or you can get them all at the same time with a full book of stamps.  You get to choose.  Who doesn’t like choices?  It all starts TODAY.  We’ve got the books in and are ready to go.

The third item of importance, are the shelf items you need for your annual Feast of Thanks.  We’ve been stocking up the shelves here with lots of canned goods like green beans, french fried onions, soups, broths, olives, gravy mix, and much more.  Come shop early and be ready for guests and festivities.  Oh, and most importantly, if you need toilet paper for the spare bathroom and spare people, we have got lots of it at great pricing!

Finally, here’s a picture of the book!

thanksgiving turkey stamp book