Hippity Hop Easter is almost here!   It looks like the weather is going to bring us a beautiful day for all the kids on Saturday March 31 for the annual Easter Egg hunt.  What a great way to spend a day, surrounded by friends, family and your community.

There’s a new trend out there with dying eggs.  Marbled!  This would be a fun new way to color your eggs by swirling egg dye and shaving cream together and roll that egg through it.   If you are in need of some egg dye, we have it at Hank’s.  We also have a lot of last minute Easter basket items!

Easter has a special meaning and the celebration continues on with a delicious brunch or dinner.  We still have lots of Hams to give away from our Stamp Books.  We have all the side fixings you need to go along with your celebration.

Happy Easter everyone and thanks for your continued support.